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Grand Final Poem 2004 - click here for NRL Promo 

“Go the Giants” said the signs all around the town
For the Giants of Mullumbimby, it was the Rugby League showdown
Blue and yellow colours decorated everything in sight
The team was primed, the spirit high, the scene was set just right
These young mates from a country town, had their hopes up high
They were solid in their commitment, no one would deny


It was the twelfth of September, in the year two thousand and four
With the whole district behind them, waiting for Mullum to score
The ground looked great, the crowd packed in, the cars were parked for miles
Brothers arrived to defend the cup, hoping the trip was worthwhile
A nineteen-sixty guard of honour, from the last victorious team
Cheered the players onto the field, hoping they’d fulfill their dream

The whistle blew loud, then just into the game, ‘Muz’ Brown crashed over the line
With the tension high, two tries were scored, by Brothers before half-time
But set play calls went unheard, as the try line they attempted to storm
The crowd was so deafeningly loud, as they tried to play to their usual form
The score was 8-4, when they went to the shed, for words from Dave Latta, their coach
He encouragingly said “You can still do it you know, for you have the right approach”

In the second half the wind was against them, as this game restarted
From the huge parochial crowd, the cheering was totally wholehearted
For their favourite team, to turn the score around, a fervent prayer they said
Despite strong defense, Brother’s third try was there, Oh, no! they were eight ahead
With time running down fast, Sean Doherty scored, that prayer was finally heeded
‘Scooter’ Hogan converted, but two points or more were still so desperately needed

Ten minutes were left in this premiership game, for them to gain a victory
They never gave up, they knew they could win, and go down in Mullum’s history
Simon Baines gathered a bounce, that was coming his way
And scored near the touchline, and saved this glorious day
The spectators erupted, both the young and the old
Now it was up to the defense, this slim lead to hold

The final bell sounded, the crowd swarmed their heroes
With the 14 - 12 score line, the celebrations arose
The players were shouldered and congratulated
Champagne and beer sprayed as custom dictated
There were photos and speeches, cups and medals presented
Tired bodies forgotten as they were being complimented

The clubhouse rocked on, as the partying began
Showing the spirit which stirred, down to the last man
We acknowledge the dedication, to produce the game we’d just seen
The young players, their coach and support crew so keen
We’ll remember this day for many, many years
So to all those concerned, we offer three cheers!

Karen Falzon ….. September 2004


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